I Basic Philosophy

II Necessary Knowledge

III Productive Living

IV Autobiography

V Beauty

VI Art-Making

Appendix I: Picture Library

Productive Living

B: Emotional Wellbeing

With Fred in the Train Fred in Berlin 2001 Fred in Istanbul 2004
With Fred at Topkapi Palace With Fred at Notre Dame My Family in 2006


A: Life History

Photographs Taken Before I Was Born My Father in 1994 My Mother in 1994
My Parents at the Beach Dad Eating Mum in a Restaurant
Mum and Dad in Barcelona Me and Mum A Car Journey in 2006 with Mum, Dad, Emma and Fred
Two Christmases and Four Birthdays A Walk in Winter A Walk With Sal
A Holiday in Vienna and Budapest Flora in 2001 Susan
Beatle in Paris Dogs: Emma & Franca Part of my Bookshelf, 2008
My Face in 2006 Hospital Food 2017/18 Discarded Books
Insomnia 2017

B: Experiencing The World

Photos of my Feet Other People's Lives: Alexis Other People's Lives: Granty
Merkur Strasse Day Views Hickling Broad New Zealand Beaches
Europe Panoramas Merkur Strasse Night Views Forest Hill, London
The Floor of my Studio The Roof of my Studio Circling in my Study
The Woods September 2009 At the Rhine
Berlin Rotorua Rotorua 2: Lady Knox Geyser
London Eye Penguin Place Auckland Harbour
16 Months of Dog-Walks (November 2014 - March 2016) Berlin Fernsehturm Grass


A: Analysis

Hagia Sofia Düsseldorf Fernsehturm Abstract Photographs
Sagrada Familia Frescos in Yorkshire New Zealand Panoramas

B: A Collection

Beautiful Photographs (1-27) Flight Path To Heathrow, October 1999 Colleoni Monument
Eiffel Tower Rotorua 3: Boiling Mud A Fluke


B: Strategies

January 1994, 3 Photos a Day (9am, 12pm, 3pm) Circling (Hütten Strasse) Circling (Merkur Strasse)
Trees Camera Mistakes